The guarantee period of the glasses is effective 90 days from the date the order is accepted. During this period damage or defects subject to the legal guarantee shall be repaired free of charge. If a product is not considered to be defective, INDUSTREES shall repair or replace at your own expense.
INDUSTREES reserves the right to determine whether a product can be considered defective and thus refuse certain returns. All claims concerning faulty goods delivered, quantity error or incorrect references in relation to the accepted offer or the confirmation of the order by the vendor, must be formulated within the given deadline to:
Please note that wear, scratching of lenses, accidental breakage of the frames cannot be considered as a defect.

No return shall be accepted without our prior agreement.

All products considered as defective shall be returned in their original packaging and contain the entire contents of the product and its accessories accompanied by all documentation, etc. Any product incomplete, damaged and/or whose original packing has been deteriorated shall neither be exchanged nor reimbursed.
The costs incurred for the return of the goods whatever the reason shall be paid exclusively by the buyer.
Despite our particular attention to detail and quality control of the materials and products used in order to maintain a quality production, differences in shades, in wood grain can occur. Each product may be slightly different from the photographs presented on the site even if we do our utmost to represent the reality as accurately as possible.